Ep 94 Running Camden County – One Street at a Time

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Training is ongoing. The Gang gives some training updates and our friend Mark stops by to tell us about the weekly training posts and the spreadsheet he has complied with charity bib availability.

Breaking Pickle news from Disney! Hear about some of the new food items coming to WDW. Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs is coming to Boardwalk area plus the Brew-Wing at the Odyssey Pavilion is being taken over by Muppet labs and offering a Pickle Milkshake

The Camden County Runner Jack Witzig

The Gang sits down with Jack Witzig who is on a mission to run every street in Camden County New Jersey to support Lewy Body Dementia awareness. Jack is running to honor his father Don, a former Cherry Hill East High School track coach who was affected by Lewy Body Dementia. Jack talks about Lewy Body Dementia and some of the characteristics of the disease. Jack get into how he started running and how he decided to run every street in Camden County – 36 towns and a little over 2000 miles.
For more information on Lewy Body Dementia please visit the Lewy Body Dementia Association.

Race Report Spotlight

In the race report we head to Utica, NY where our friend Steve participated in the Boilermaker 15K on July 9th. He talks about the race, meeting Martinus Evans at the Expo, and a recent run he finished with his son.

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