Ep 146 Summer Running Highlights with Coach Chris Twiggs

As the temperatures rise and summer races approach, runners everywhere are gearing up for some of the most challenging yet exhilarating events of the year. In the latest episode of Rise and Run, Coach Chris Twiggs joins the hosting team to share invaluable insights on how to master summer race training, boost running confidence

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This Week’s Race Weekend Training Miles
Chris Twiggs

In our main segment, Coach Twiggs offers a deep dive into the rugged world of the Hard Rock 100, complete with unpredictable weather, trail changes, and the competitive lottery system. We also explore the emotional highs of family pacing and the thrill of tracking runners via live stream.

The role of pacers in ultra-running is explored, highlighting how they help maintain pace, ensure safety, and provide much-needed encouragement. Coach Twiggs shares his own experiences with family pacers, underscoring the emotional highs and the sense of camaraderie that comes from running with those who matter most.

Coach Twiggs provides practical strategies for addressing missed long runs and the mental aspect of moving past a DNF. By understanding the reasons behind a DNF, whether it’s due to speed, injury, or weather conditions, runners can tailor their training to overcome these challenges. Customized training programs and the benefits they offer are also discussed, with special pricing available for the Rise and Run community.

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Listeners are also treated to a detailed recap of the Peachtree Road Race 10K, a beloved event that takes place on Independence Day. The episode captures the celebratory spirit of the race, with anecdotes about the enthusiastic support from spectators and the unique handouts along the course. The challenge of tackling “Cardiac Hill” and the joy of running with friends are vividly described, painting a picture of an event that is as much about community as it is about competition.

Overall, this episode of Rise and Run is a treasure trove of inspiration, practical advice, and heartfelt stories. Whether you’re gearing up for a summer race, overcoming personal challenges, or simply looking for motivation to keep running.

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