Ep 114 Running to Victory: The Impact of Group Runs and Galloway Training

Ever wondered how you can make the most of a running group? Or perhaps you’re unsure about the importance of pacing during races? Today’s episode of Rise and Run Podcast is filled with answers, presented from the perspective of Mark Lane Holbert, a seasoned participant and fervent advocate of the Jeff Galloway training groups.

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This Week’s Race Weekend Training Miles
Mark Lane-Holbert

The world of long-distance running can often seem daunting to beginners. However, as seasoned runner and fervent advocate of the Jeff Galloway training groups, Mark Lane Holbert, reveals in the latest episode of Rise and Run Podcast, joining a running group can offer immense benefits, both physically and mentally. In particular, the supportive community fostered by Galloway training groups can prove to be a game-changer for those training for intensive races, such as a Disney marathon.

Mark shares his personal experiences with Galloway training groups, highlighting the importance of pace groups in maintaining tempo during races. He notes that consistent pacing is essential for successful long-distance running, with experienced pacers running at a slower pace than they are capable of to effectively guide and support other runners. Such insight is especially useful for those planning to participate in a race, providing a practical strategy to tackle the physical challenge.

Race Report

Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday had us running in races all over the country! From the oldest marathon in Florida—the Space Coast Marathon and Half Marathon—to the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trots, our Rise and Run family has been hitting the pavement, setting personal records, and sharing their triumphs as well as trials. Tune in to hear about their run-ins with cool and humid weather, the camaraderie they experienced. So, lace up, listen in, and prepare to be inspired.

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