Ep: 105 Running at the Happiest Place on Earth: A runDisney Disneyland Guide

Welcome all Disney enthusiasts and runners alike! It’s time to lace up those running shoes and get ready for a magic-infused run as we traverse the race routes of the runDisney Disneyland races.

This Episode of the Rise and Run Podcast is  sponsored by Magic Bound Travel.

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This week’s race weekend training miles
Getting to and around Disneyland for runDisney with Kristen B and Kristin W

A crucial aspect of successfully completing Disney races is thorough pre-race preparation. With Kristen B and Kristin W, two seasoned Disney runners, sharing their expert knowledge, the episode emphasizes the importance of understanding the unique challenges that come with running in Disneyland versus Disney World. The duo shares their experiences and provides strategies for tackling the varied terrains, ensuring listeners are well-prepared for their upcoming Disneyland race.

Transport logistics for Disney Race Weekends can be complex, particularly for first-time participants. Our dynamic duo of Kristen B and Kristin W guides listeners through the process, sharing their insights on everything from the best airports to fly into, to the benefits of staying in Good Neighbor Hotels. They even touch on the importance of cheering for a marathon at Disney, enhancing the overall race experience.

Race Report Spotlight

As we cross the finish line in the race report spotlight, we’ll bask in the global spirit of running, bringing you inspiring race recaps from the Berlin Marathon with our friends Grace, Aime and Laura.

As the episode concludes, it’s clear that the magic of Disney races extends far beyond the enchanting parks and themed routes. It lies in the community of runners who come together to share their experiences, support one another, and celebrate the joy of running. Whether you’re planning your first Disney race or are a seasoned marathoner looking for a new challenge, Episode 105 of the Rise and Run Podcast promises to leave you inspired and excited for your upcoming Disney running adventure.

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