Ep 74 Black Canyon 100K: The Race of Ted Lasso, Toots, and Tums

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Princess weekend is here and in this episode you will hear the gang talk about:

  • Springtime training.
  • Bob’s Costume for the 5K
  • Tips on dealing with the heat for Princess
  • Pre race meet up by the bleachers
  • The Princess meetup by the food trucks in Disney Springs
  • The Princess roll call. (Stand up when you hear your name.)
  • Our contest winner is announced.
  • February Peloton challenge update.

In our featured interview we hear from Jack who was in Arizona this past weekend and ran the Black Canyon 100k Ultramarathon. Jack talks about the how this was not a perfect race and how she learned a lot about herself by crossing that finish line.

Some things she discussed
  • Hitting the wall, early
  • Struggles along the course
  • Motivational calls from friends
  • Overcoming the mental hurdles
  • Cattle and Coyotes
  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
  • Ted Lasso
  • The Finish
Highlights from The Black Canyon 100k
Race Report Spotlight

To wrap things up, our friend Ryan is featured on the Race Report Spotlight to tell us about the Ascension Seton Austin Marathon in Austin ,TX that was held on Feb 19th 2023.

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