Ep 75 2023 Princess Half Marathon Weekend Recap

Our introduction is a bi-lingual one from our friend Valeria who came from Argentina to join us at Princess weekend .

First Jeff Galloway joined us to talk about the JG 13.1 race weekend in Atlanta that is happening on March 18th and 19th. Jeff gives us some tips on running your first 5k and then he talks about his Race Weekend that has Barb’s Leprechaun Chase 5K on Sat and Jeff’s Half Marathon on Sunday and if you do both events to earn the Double G Challenge medal.

Princess Half Marathon Weekend 2023 Recap

Some of the gang got back from the 2023 Princess Half Marathon Weekend on Feb 23to Feb 26th and we are joined by our friends Taryn Terrell (from Episode 70 ) and Perfect Fairy Tale Challenger Meghan who also ran that weekend to give us a recap of the race weekend.

Jack , Bob , Allie and our Guests Taryn and Meghan recap the weekend and we talk about the following.

  • The Expo
  • The 5k
  • Bob’s costume for the 5k
  • The weather for Princess weekend and the fog.
  • Almost being a Perfect Princess and Fairy Tale Challenge runner.
  • Dead last starting the 10k
  • The Princess meetup by the food trucks in Disney Springs
  • Last minute props for costume
  • The Half Marathon
  • Final thoughts on the weekend.
Race Weekend Photos
Race Report Spotlight

The Race Report Spotlight will be back next week.

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