Ep 89 Runner Safety and Self Defense featuring GoGuarded

Before starting this week’s episode, we want to inform you that the topics we discussed with our guest, Jodi from GoGuarded, could be triggering. These topics include attacks and sexual assault. Listener discretion is advised. The interview and discussion is between  minutes 18:37 to 1:19:54 of the podcast.

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In this episode, the gang talks about

  • Magic Bound Travel for race weekend hotel reservations (Tell them you heard about them on the podcast)
  • 21 Weeks till Wine and Dine
  • 30 Weeks till Marathon Weekend
  • Seeing last week’s guest, Martinus Evans, on Good Morning America
  • The recently released Princess 2024 themes
Princess 2024 Weekend Themes

Runner safety and self defense are important topics that we will discussed with our guest,  Jodi Fisher founder of GoGuarded  self-defense products.  Jodi talks about her background in law enforcement, how she started the company, and some of her products that you can use on your runs.  The ladies of the podcast got to try out some of the products courtesy of Go Guarded and give their opinion on them. Check out the GoGuarded website for more products and Self Defense Tips.

Some Safety tips discussed in the interview

  • Let someone know where you are going and how long you should be.
  • Stay alert / Be aware of your surroundings
  • Take a self defense class
  • Don’t run with headphones in both ears.
  • Bring your phone.

Jodi has offered us a Discount code for our Listeners of 15% on the Go Guarded website. Use code RAR.

We will be giving away 3 Go Guarded Rings  courtesy of Jodi . Follow us on IG or Facebook to get details.

On the race report we head to Baltimore where our friend Tara ran the Baltimore 10 Miler on June 3rd.

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