Ep 64 2023 Marathon Weekend Event Guide And Heather Jergensen from Runners Without Limits

This week’s introduction is from our friend Lulie from the UK .  Remember, if you’d like to introduce an upcoming episode, please click the Join the Conversation link and leave us your recorded message.

We are less than two weeks from Marathon Weekend 2023 and  We comment  on all the training that you have put in to get to your last simulation runs  of this training cycle.
The Event Guide was released and the gang goes over the Event Guide information on transportation to and from race, The Expo, Course Maps. We also discuss some topics people ask about the race.

Next up on the Podcast we sit down and talk to Heather Jergensen from Runners Without Limits.   We talk to Heather on how she got started with her Podcast , YouTube Channel , Tapering and much more. For more Info on Heather and her coaching offerings check out the Runners Without Limits Website

Heather Jergensen
Race Report Spotlight

On the Race Report Spotlight this week,  we Head 184 feet above sea level to Mount Dora Florida where we talk to Michael (  @rundisnerd  on IG ) to discuss the Mt Dora Half Marathon.

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