Ep 142 Inspiration and Fun on the Run with Brittany Charboneau

Ever wondered how top athletes manage to balance their rigorous training schedules with creative passions? The latest episode of the Rise and Run podcast offers an inspiring glimpse into this very topic, featuring the multifaceted Brittany Charbonneau. Known for her impressive achievements in running, Brittany also dazzles with her creative endeavors, proving that athleticism and artistry can coexist harmoniously.

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This Week’s Race Weekend Training Miles
The Funny Runner Brittany Charboneau

Brittany Charbonneau returns to share her recent race experience at Lake Sonoma and delves into her creative projects, including her unique sponsorships with The North Face and Tailwind.

One of the most engaging parts of the episode is Brittany’s discussion on rekindling creative passions. She talks about restarting her Substack called “Own Your Weird” after battling imposter syndrome, and finding inspiration at an art camp in Santa Fe. The whimsical concept of “Excuterus,” born from discussing the excuses women make for not creating art, adds a touch of humor and relatability. Brittany’s creative projects, like making quirky costumes and writing pieces like “In Defense of the Visor,” emphasize the joy of letting go of perfectionism and having fun with creativity.

The episode also highlights Brittany’s transition from marathon champion to race announcer. She reflects on her journey from setting a course record at the Colfax Marathon in 2017 to becoming a race announcer for the same event. This transition underscores her belief in the possibility of a professional running career and her excitement for new roles within the running community. The discussion about the long, exhilarating days of race announcing and celebrating the achievements of runners she coaches adds a personal touch to her story.

Preparing for long-distance running goals, especially after experiencing setbacks like a Did Not Finish (DNF), is another key topic. The episode offers practical tips for maintaining a positive mindset, evaluating past performances, and adjusting training strategies. The importance of training slow during long runs to build endurance is emphasized, providing valuable insights for listeners preparing for events like the Dopey Challenge.

Balancing personal records with fun is a philosophy Brittany champions. She shares her insights on staying flexible and finding joy in the training process, incorporating playful elements like themed outfits and motivating playlists. This approach not only enhances the training experience but also prepares runners for race day challenges. Brittany’s enthusiasm for the upcoming release of “Inside Out 2” highlights her continued passion for combining her love of costumes and running.

2024 Disneyland Halloween Half Marathon Weekend Medal Reveal
The Race Report Sponsored by Stoked Metabolic Coaching

On the Race Report Stoplight we catch up with our friend Marybeth who participated in the RAD Half Marathon in Asheville, North Carolina on Sunday June 8th. We Get a back story on how she got started running and this awesome half Marathon course running through Asheville’s famed River Arts District (RAD) and the French Broad River.

In conclusion, this episode of the Rise and Run podcast is a rich tapestry of inspiration, practical advice, and community spirit. Whether you’re a seasoned runner, an aspiring athlete, or someone looking for creative inspiration . Tune in to experience a blend of motivation, creativity, and camaraderie that will leave you inspired and ready to tackle your own goals.

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