Ep 76 2023 Princess Half Marathon Winner Neely Gracey

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 In this episode you will hear the gang talk about:

  • Springtime training
  • A training update from the gang and Jack’s couch.
  • John’s quick Disney World trip.
  • Allie’s Anniversary  
  • Jeff Galloway  Race weekend registration ( Use code riseandrun for a discount on registration) 

On the podcast, we welcome the 2023  Princess Half Marathon overall winner Neely Gracey.  Neely talks about her experience running the 10k on Saturday and getting ready and using her years of running experience to prepare to run the half the next day.  Neely also talked about her coaching company, Get Running Coaching, and her book, Breakthrough Women’s Running. Neely will be back in Florida in February of 2024, this time to compete in the 2024 Olympic Trials.
Some of Neely’s Achievements :

  • 4 x Pennsylvania State Champion
  • 8 x NCAA Division II National Champion
  • 4 x Olympic Trials Qualifier
  • Top American at the 2016 Boston Marathon
  • 11th American female ever to break 70 minutes in the half marathon 

Neely also worked Honeystinger to create some goal setting worksheets for runners. Here they are if you would like to use them!



Race Report Spotlight

To wrap things up, our good friend Rachael, who ran the Run the Alamo Half Marathon in San Antonio TX, talked about how she got started running and running around the Alamo.

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