Ep 116 Running Towards Inclusivity

Brace yourselves for a riveting conversation filled with inspiring tales of resilience and inclusivity in the running community on today’s episode of Rise and Run Podcast. We’ve got a full house of exceptional guests, including runDisney athletes Tiffany and Kayla, who share their unique experiences and challenges as athletes with disabilities. Our dear friend Matt Desmond also joins us, recounting his incredible weight loss journey and newfound love for running. Plus, we’re joined by Race Director Rob Fiero, giving us an inside look into the world of race directing and the Ghost Train 100 mile/30 hour ultra race.

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Our introduction this week is from Kayla. If you’d like to introduce an upcoming episode, please reach out to us on our social media, email, or leave us a message on our hotline (727-266-2344).

This Week’s Race Weekend Training Miles
Springtime Medals
Kayla and Tiffany

We dive into recent policy changes at runDisney and their impact on athletes with disabilities. Tiffany and Kayla, our guest athletes, provide firsthand accounts of their experiences, highlighting the urgent need for inclusivity and understanding within the running community.

Rob Fiero Race Director of Ghost Train 100 mile/30 hour ultra race

Our episode also offers a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the Ghost Train 100 mile/30 hour ultra race in New Hampshire. Race director Rob Fiero takes us through the origin of the race’s spooky name, the tireless efforts of the organizing committee, and the unique challenges and rewards that come with directing an ultra race.

Matt Desmond

We also discuss the transformation journey of our guest, Matt Desmond, who went from weighing 640 pounds to a healthier 215 pounds. Matt’s passion for running post-weight loss is palpable, and his story serves as a beacon of hope and determination for others navigating their weight loss journeys.

Race Report

This episode is not just about sharing experiences but also about fostering appreciation and encouragement for runners. We discuss various races and runs that our listeners have participated in, from the Cape Canaveral Space Force T-minus 10-miler, The Daytona 100 Relay the Jingle Bell Run 10K plus many more. Each shared experience serves as a testament to the unwavering spirit of runners, their commitment to their goals, and the community that rallies behind them.

In the world of running, inclusivity and understanding are as vital as physical fitness and endurance. By shedding light on the experiences of athletes with disabilities and those on personal transformation journeys, we hope to inspire a more inclusive and supportive running community. So, lace up your running shoes, tune in to the Rise and Run Podcast, and join us in creating a running world where everyone is welcome and every story matters.

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