Ep 78 2023 Wine and Dine Registration and a conversation with Entrepreneur BBBrooke

Our introduction this week is from our friend Karen who recorded it while doing the Princess Half Marathon . If you’d like to introduce an upcoming episode, please reach out to us on our social media , email or at one of our meetups.

Springtime Surprise is just 3 weeks away

In this episode, the gang talks about:

  • Springtime training
  • The Springtime Meetups
  • Wine and Dine Registration 
  •  runDisney Race Availability Alerts from Matt @ Team #runDisney 
  • The Wine and Dine 2023 FB Chat Group
  • Pam’s Fluffy Fizzies Pre sale for Springtime

We know some of you where not able to register for the Wine and Dine events you wanted but, slots do open up from now and then. Our friend Matt from Episode 44 has set up some runDisney Race Availability Alerts apps that will notify you when a race opens. Click on one of the apps you want to use and set it to notify you when a event opens.
Here are the apps and Links below
On Telegram – t.me/rundisregstatus
On Slack – http://bit.ly/3YHQB1V
On Discord – https://discord.com/invite/zwtYHfNRPE
On Twitter www.twitter.com/rundisregstatus

Rise and Run Merchandise update

There is still time to order some Rise and Run merch and get it before springtime surprise— Click the link below to find out what is in stock and ready to ship now! www.riseandrunpodcast.com/shop

Next up on the podcast we introduce runDisney fan and Entrepreneur BBBrooke.
We sit down and discuss some of the following topics with her.

  • How she got started running
  • Working for Runners World
  • How she got into runDisney
  • Inspiration to start BBBrooke 
  • Selling officially licensed Disney products .
  • Getting a Booth at Princess Expo.
  • Her Mental Health Journey. 

We finish off the interview with some rapid fire questions for Brooke.

Race Report Spotlight

We wrap things up with the Race Report and the Race Report Spotlight , We talk to our friend Doug, who ran the United Airlines NYC Half Marathon in New York City , and we get a mini update from Ross and Wendy who flew in all the way from Australia to run the JG13.1 in Atlanta.

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