Ep 79Earning All Abbott World Marathon Majors Six Stars and Last Minute Disney Dining

Our introduction this week is from our friend Tony. If you’d like to introduce an upcoming episode, please reach out to us on our social media , email or at one of our meetups.

Springtime Surprise is just 2 weeks away

This week our friend Pam from Fluffy Fizzies joins us as a guest host and on this episode, the gang talks about:

  • Springtime Training
  • Training update from the gang.
  • Springtime Meetups 
  • Roll call coming up.
  • Berlin Marathon Chat Group.
  • Pam’s  Fluffy Fizzies Pre-Sale for Springtime Pre-sale ends 3/31

Next up on the podcast we talk with  Meredith  who just finished the Tokyo Marathon  conquered  the five  other  races in the Abbott World Marathon Majors to get her Six Star Medal. She also became the youngest six start finisher in the state of Arkansas.

We sit down and ask her some of the following questions on her journey to Six Stars.

  • How she got started running?
  • What was her first  World Marathon Major?
  • Her favorite World Major?
  • Which major had best crowd support?
  • Tips on traveling to World Major Events .
  • How she celebrated her Sixth Star accomplishment

Have you ever went to Disney and forgot to book a dining reservation? The Gang discusses their to go too places to get something to eat if they do not have dining reservations in Walt Disney World.

Race Report Spotlight

We wrap things up with the Race Report and the Race Report Spotlight . We talk to our friend Nikki who ran the Winter Park Road Race 10K in Winter Park, FL. This the last race of the Track Shack Running series. Nikki ran the Distance Dare that starts with a 2 miler race and finishes up with a 10k on almost immediately after the 2 mile race.

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