Ep 54 Dine and Dine Event Guide, Race Fueling Tips with Lauren MacLeod RD, and the Run, Eat, Drink Podcast

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The Rise and Run Podcast we will be joined by Sports Dietitian , Content and Community Lead of Muir Energy  and trail runner  Lauren MacLeod, RD .  Before we get to Lauren there is only 2 weeks to Wine and Dine when this episode airs and your  last long training runs are 5 and 14  miles back to back this weekend.  Those of you doing Marathon weekend you just have 5 miles. The topic then goes to training is tough for all of us  and discuss some of the roadblocks even first timer and veteran runners experience .

The Wine and Dine Event Guide and Maps were released by runDisney this week. Hear the gang give a summary of the event guide and what the courses will look like this year.

Our featured guest  Sports Dietitian  Lauren MacLeod, RD joins us for a informative Q&A on nutrition , fueling for  training/races and the Muir Energy products.

Topics include

  • Hydration and Electrolytes.
  • Fueling intervals for races.
  • Options for People with food allergies.
  • GI Issues .
  • Carb loading. 

You can find more info for  Lauren on her Instagram  page Themountaindietitian.

On the Podcasts We Listen To segment we  chat with our friends  Aimee and  Dana from the Run, Eat, Drink Podcast.   If you want to know where to eat at a destination race check them out.

Race Report Spotlight

On the race Report Spotlight this week we head to  New Hampshire and go ghost hunting on the Milford and Brookline rail trails  at the 14th annual Ghost Train Rail Trail Race . We are joined by Paula and Idalis from #runDopey who ran in the 30 hour Ultramarathon and our own Allie who ran the 15 Mile event. The verdict is that this race is Uncommonly Good.

Ghost Train Rail Trail Race Highlights

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