53: The Council of Costumes Returns, the Emotion of Marathons, and Disney with the Ducks

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We have a full house this week as we are joined by our friends Pamela and Kristen (Running in Makeup / Dare to Dopey) as members of our Council of Costumes. Fellow Council member Cindy was not able to join us for this recording .

The training schedule this week for Wine and Dine Weekend is 4 miles with one of them being the Magic Mile. Those running the Goofy or Dopey challenge Marathon Weekend have a 7 mile and 17 mile back-to-back weekend. Those “just” running the Marathon have 17 miles on the plan. We get a training update from Lexie who had 26 miles on her schedule so she ran the Towpath Marathon in Cleveland, OH as a catered training run. We then get into the range of emotions we run into (no pun intended) during a Marathon.

We got our first look at the Princess Half Marathon Weekend medals that were released by runDisney this week. Listen to our take on the medals and some of little things we noticed.

The Council of Costumes returns as we are joined by our friends Pamela and Kristen (Running in Makeup / Dare to Dopey) . This conversation covers multiple topics from costumes for Wine and Dine weekend, to group costumes and alternate takes on the themes of races and much more to get your costumes ready for race weekend.

Podcasts We Listen To

We introduced a new segment this week that we will be a part of the show from time to time, Podcasts We Listen To. The inaugural podcast for this segment is Disney with the Ducks. We sit down and chat with the Ducks on how they started their podcast.

Race Report Spotlight

On this week’s Race Report Spotlight, we take a trip to the Windy City for the Chicago Marathon ere we talk with Emily and Rob about running the Marathon and spectator support on the course.

Chicago Marathon Highlights

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