Ep 55 runDisney Expo Virtual Queue, Galloway Pace Groups, and the Be Our Guest Podcast

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Sarah’s intro to Episode 55

We start off with quick apologies and alibis chat with last week’s intro guest so Bob can tell Joshua and his mother, Nicole, that he is sorry for calling him Justin.

Wine and Dine is week away and  go over training miles if you are following the runDisney plans for the upcoming runs

  • Wine and Dine 4 Miles
  • Marathon weekend (Goofy, Dopey and Marathon) 6 Miles with a Magic Mile.
  • Princess 4 Miles.

The discussion turns to the new Expo Virtual Queue for entry to the runDisney merchandise on the first day of expo. We discuss some of the pros and cons we see with the new way to enter. You will need to join a virtual queue at 7:30am and have up to 6 people total in your party. You will not be allowed to enter on merchandise area on first day of expo with out a virtual queue time. This queue is only for the runDisney merchandise shop and not the fitness expo or bib pickup.

We are joined by returning guest Chris Twigs and and welcome Chris Turner to discuss running with a Galloway pacer. After a brief introduction, Chris Turner discusses running with a Galloway pacer at a runDisney event or any event that features a Galloway pace group. We go over some of the following topics:

  • How do you join a pace group?
  • How close do you come to your advertised pace?
  • Do you run the same pace whole race ?
  • Will there be pacers in all corrals?
  • Do people duck in and out for race photos?

If you want to run with a pacer you can chat with a pacer at Jeff Galloway’s booth at the Expo.

On the Podcasts We Listen To segment we  chat with our friend  Mike from the The Be Our Guest Podcast .   Mike hosts an excellent podcast and has great tips on planning your Walt Disney World vacation.

Listeners have asked us were can they spectate/cheer for the races we give some of our tips and insight on cheering locations for Wine and Dine weekend. If you want more info check out our friend Kristen from Running in Makeups Video that has a section on spectating.

We announced the drop of our new merchandise pre-order.
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Race Report Spotlight

On the race Report Spotlight this week, we head back to the Granite State and chat with Heather about the  Loco Half Marathon in  Newmarket, NH. Heather talked about the challenges of being in a push-rim racing chair and about being a part of the Roll Disney Community.

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