Ep 62 runDisney Race Weekend Nutrition and Recovery Tips with RunFitMama and FitFabDisney

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Big announcement the Rise and Run Podcast is now going to be releasing two episodes a week.We will now be releasing episodes on both Thursday and Friday

We are less than 3 weeks away from Marathon weekend and we talk about all the Final simulations long runs most of you have done or will be doing this weekend
If your Following Galloway its 45 Minutes on Thursday followed by a 5 mile walk on Friday , 12 mile walk on Saturday and a 26 mile run/walk Sunday. Those of you doing the Simulation this weekend good Luck and those that did it already great job.

runDisney released the medals for Springtime surprise on December 12th find out which ones we liked the best.

Medal Images © Disney

We welcome back to the podcast our friends Kristin and Devon or as you might know them as runfitmama and fitfabdisney on Instagram. We sit down and ask them listener questions about nutrition and recovery leading up to and after the race weekend.   To learn more about Kristin and Devon you can check them out on IG or Facebook  listen to them on Episode 36 of the podcast.

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