Ep 58 A Conversation with Handcycle Champion Wendy Larsen

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Episode Intro

This week the gang goes over some training updates and discusses some topics from the listeners.

Rise and Runner  David had a question via  the Join the Conversation link about cold weather running. The topic of how to get over a DNF or bad race .

There was a announcement from Disney Hong Kong at the Hong Kong Disneyland 10K Weekend 2023 is back after 3 years in March 0f 2023.

Credit hongkongdisneyland.com

Our featured guest this week is hand cyclist Wendy Larsen  . Wendy discusses  her running journey of a  being a back of the packer to winning both the NYC and Boston Marathon in the same year.  You can follow Wendy at her Instagram wendy.larsen.handcyclist

Race Report Spotlight

On the Race Report Spotlight this week we talk to Alison and Guy who ran the The Navy 10 Miler in Fort Worth Texas. Guy ran the 5 Miler and finished 1st in his age group and Allison who ran the 10 mile event on the runways of the Naval Air station JRB Fort Worth.

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