Ep 57 2022 runDisney Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend and New York City Marathon Recaps

The 2022/2023 runDisney Race Season has started and 6 of the 7 co-hosts of the podcast where there to help kick it off.
This week we look back at the race weekend and discuss how the weekend went for us.
We discuss the following Topics.

  • How the virtual queue for the runDisney merchandise went.
  • Getting in to runDisney merchandise area if you were arriving late on first day.
  • Bib pickup and Vendor Expo
  • The individual Races 5k 10k and Half Marathon
  • The Podcast Meetup at Dockside Margaritas 
  • The After party at Epcot.

Lexie decided to skip Wine and Dine this year to run a little race in New York that weekend instead .  Listen to Lexie discuss her weekend in NY where she ran the NYC Marathon. She tells us about the Expo , The Music Man and her journey around the 5 Boroughs of NYC to finish the NYC Marathon.

Race Report Spotlight

This weeks Race Report Spotlight has a special runner that ran her first 5k, runDisney event and first race ever. We welcome our special guest to the give her story of her first race weekend.

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