Ep 56 Wine and Dine Excitement, You Can Do It Podcast, and the Marine Corp Marathon 50K

The runDisney 2022-23 season is here! Thank you Allison, Tyler, and Grace for introducing episode 56. We sure look forward to meeting you and many of our Rise and Run friends this weekend! Remember, if you’d like to introduce an upcoming episode, please click the Join the Conversation link and leave us your recorded message.

This week’s episode starts with a brief look back at last year, followed by a short description of what first-timers can expect this weekend as they start their runDisney journey.

We’re all going to be at WDW for the races, but we can’t forget that the Food and Wine festival is still in full swing. The gang talks about some of their favorite F&W booths, favorite dishes, and maybe even a favorite dessert or beverage. If we missed any of you favorites, let us know!

In our Podcasts We Listen To segment this week, we’re please to have a special guest. Westin Galloway is the producer for Jeff’s You Can Do It! podcast. This excellent podcast features Jeff telling us about his time as a world-class distance runner and member of the 1972 US Olympic Team. You’ll love hearing Jeff relive those great moments. You Can Do It! also features terrific interviews with Jeff’s running friends (including our friend, Brittany Charboneau). We didn’t let Westin off easy though. We also chatted with him about Jeff’s new running app and other new things coming to the Jeff Galloway running experience.

With the first run of the season comes our first runDisney Roll Call! We run down the list of all of you who told us you would be at WDW this weekend. This is a tradition we began last season, and one that has grown tremendously. We have over 100 names in this week’s roll call! Don’t forget to stand up when you hear your name.

Our good friend, Nate, is our guest in this week’s Race Report Spotlight. Nate was in Washington DC for the Marine Corps Marathon Weekend, but “just” the marathon was not enough for Nate. No, he ran his first ultra, the MCM 50K.

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