Ep 45 A Conversation with Not Your Average Runner Jill Angie and runDisney Springtime Surprise Themes

On this week’s episode of the Rise and Run Podcast we start with the gangs updates on training, why now is a good time to start trying your fuel options and how sometimes life gets in the way of training. Also, runDisney dropped the themes for Springtime Surprise, and three of our listeners correctly picked a Pixar theme back on episode 42. One listeners even correctly picked the theme for the 10-Miler; listen and find out who! The gang then gives their take on the theme and event weekend.

We then had the pleasure of speaking with fellow podcast host Jill Angie, from Not Your Average Runner. We discussed how she got started running and how she is helping other women start running to reach their goals. Jill also discuses her coaching, online programs and has a little example of her coaching on the episode.

Race Report Spotlight

In this weeks Race Report we talk with Jeff who ran the Woofstock Survivor 5k and Dog Walk in Fishers, Indiana on August 13th. Benefiting the lost, abandoned and neglected animals at the Humane Society for Hamilton County.

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