Ep: 95 Training tips with runDisney’s Jeff Galloway

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Training is on going the Gang gives some training updates. Greg has a big announcment  about our new Patreon page and Allie gives us a update on the pre-order that is going on right now. This we discuss what is your favorite Disney Snack.

We will be accepting pre-orders on items till  July 30th 2023  with  an  approximate ship by date of September 25th 2023.

Rise and Run Patreon
This week’s race weekend training miles
Olympian and runDisney training consultant Jeff Galloway

Jeff Galloway stoped by to update us on the new Jeff Galloway training hub where you can sign up for training plans (Free and Paid) and interact with fellow Galloway runners.  Plus be on the lookout for a new step challenge with Jeff starting soon.
We also asked Jeff some questions that you the listeners have asked or called into our hotline about on the following topics: training with injuries, run walk ratios , strength training , and running both Marathon Weekend and Disneyland Weekend back to back.

The question about acceleration gliders was asked in this interview and here is a link to the video

Race Report Spotlight

In the race report we head to Buffalo, NY where our friend Amy ran the 716 Resurgence Run on July 15th. Find out what the significance of 716 is to the race.

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