EP: 101Run Walk Eat Towards a Healthier You with Carissa Galloway

Ever thought about running a marathon but felt unsure about your nutrition plan? Running enthusiasts, this episode is for you! Join us on a captivating exploration with Carissa Galloway, a registered dietitian and Run Disney Race announcer, where we dive into the nuts and bolts of marathon preparation, hydration strategies, and future races. Plus Ryan Teetz also joins us to talk about runDisneys new costume policies.

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This week’s race weekend training miles
Run Walk Eat with Carissa Galloway

The episode’s runner’s high peaks during our in-depth discussion about nutrition for runners with Carissa’s new book Run. Walk. Eat: A Practical Nutrition Guide to Help Runners and Walkers Improve Their Performance and Maximize Their Health. Carissa unpacks a wealth of information about racing nutrition, the significance of recovery, and the role of rest in your training regimen. We also burst the bubble on several nutrition myths and underscore the vitality of a balanced diet, whole foods, and steering clear of fad diets. Carissa introduces us to ‘Healthier You’, her 12-week online course, designed to foster a positive relationship with food.

In the world of runDisney, costume policies are a hot topic, Ryan Teetz joins the gang as we discuss recent updates to these guidelines. The potential repercussions for runners, particularly those who have already invested in costume preparation, were discussed. The importance of adhering to the new rules was underscored, ensuring that runners can participate without hindrance.

Race Report Spotlight

In the race report spotlight we chat with Adalis from the #runDopey Facebook group on her experience at the Lola Challenge weekend. It a 3-day racing event in San Juan, Puerto Rico, which consisted of a 5 k on Friday , 10k on Saturday and a 21k on Sunday. She talks about the race plus her future trip to NY to run the New York City Marathon.

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