Ep 51 Floating Thoughts: A Conversation with the runDisney Balloon Ladies

On this week’s episode of the Rise and Run Podcast we welcome Molly and Kathleen you may know them better known as two of the Balloon Ladies. Before we get to them it is now 5 weeks till Wine and Dine Weekend and less than 100 days to Marathon weekend. We update you what is on the runDisney Galloway plans for W&D and Marathon weekend. The gang also gives a brief update on how training is going for them. Bob discusses his guest appearance on Disney with the Ducks podcast and reminds our listeners about our meet up at Dockside Margaritas, located in Disney Springs on Wine and Dine Weekend

Bob discusses how to Join The Conversation   and how your voice can introduce the show.

Balloon ladies  Molly and Kathleen join us for the featured interview. They talk about

  • How the Balloon ladies got started.
  • How they train for keeping a 16:00 pace.
  • What is their part of a runDisney race event.
  • If they the ones that tag you out of a Disney Race.
  • Some of the ways they motivate runners in the back of the pack.

We hope that after this interview you will have a better understanding of the Balloon ladies and they are not someone to be feared.

The Balloon Ladies
Race Report Spotlight

On this weeks Race Report Spotlight we catch up with our friend from the North Pole Brit.
Brit tells us about how she finished the 18.6 mile Norwegian Ruck March in Ft Wainwright, Alaska carrying a 25 pound ruck sack where she earned the Norwegian armed forces skill badge.

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