Ep 124 Rise and Run Grab Bag

In the latest episode of the “Rise and Run Podcast,” we lace up our sneakers not just for personal bests, but to celebrate the indomitable spirit of runners who transform trials into triumphs.

This Episode of the Rise and Run Podcast is  sponsored by Magic Bound Travel.

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This Week’s Race Weekend Training Miles
Zachary Barker From Maurten

The episode delves into the technical realm of endurance nutrition, featuring insights from Zach of Maurten Sports Nutrition. As he recounts his marathon adventures and the pivotal role Maurten’s products played in his performance, listeners gain a comprehensive understanding of carbohydrate intake, hydrogel technology, and personalized fuel strategies. Zach’s knowledge transforms the often-overwhelming subject of runner’s nutrition into accessible and actionable advice.

Race Report Spotlight

On the Race report Spotlight we head down to the Donna Weekend in Jacksonville Florida where Danielle, talks about the Donna and pursuing the Abbott World Major Marathons with unyielding determination. Her her heartfelt story serves as a beacon of hope and strength within the running community.

Also in this episode, we’re not just looking back on the strides taken but also forward to the thrills of summer games and the camaraderie of race weekends. From Olympic trials to the must-dos outside of a runDisney race weekend, we’re with you through every mile. And remember, our shared paths extend beyond the track, into the heart of the Rise and Run community, where your stories and challenges inspire every step we take. Join us, and let’s continue this incredible journey together, one heart-pounding, life-affirming run at a time.

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