Ep 85 Disney Dining Plan Returns and the Musical Stylings of OxAndSpoon

Our introduction this week is live from Melanie the President of the Allie Fan club . If you’d like to introduce an upcoming episode, please reach out to us on our social media , email or at one of our meetups.

In this episode, the gang and Melanie talk about:

  • Magic Bound Travel for race weekend hotel reservations (Tell them you heard about them on the podcast)
  • 25 Weeks till Wine and Dine
  • 34 Weeks till Marathon Weekend
  • History of City Hall in Philadelphia 
  • Theme park reservation system changes
  • Dining Plan  returning 
  • Lexie , Jack and John being on the Scenario D podcast.

We also answer some more listener questions 

  • Now that APs are back, how many are purchasing because they run at Disney? Would you risk a DVC rental or wait for room only prices and go for two adjoining rooms? 
  •  Favorite costume you have each worn? 
  •  First time WDW Marathon Training! How do you avoid burnout between maintaining mileage between now and when training officially starts in June? 

Our featured guest tonight is Jar OxAndSpoon. We sit down and talk to him about his runDisney song parodies , the Slackers , race themed costumes his You Tube Channel and Dopey training plan. Jar talkes about running for running for Kellsie’s Hope this run Disney season here is his charity link Jar OxAndSpoon Kellsie’s Hope Charity Page

Race Report Spotlight

The race report we head over to the 25th Flying Pig Marathon Weekend, in Cincinnati, OH. Where we hear from Liz who ran the Marathon Relay Sunday. She talks about the weather on Sunday and why she got out there and ran it.

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