Ep 69 2023 Marathon Winner Katy Cargiulo and Booking Disney with a Travel Agent.

This week’s introduction is from our friends Joe ,Laura and Christian . Remember, if you’d like to introduce an upcoming episode, please click the Join the Conversation link and leave us your recorded message.

Princess is 4 weeks away and we will be doing Roll Call in a few weeks so please let us know if you are going to be there so we can include you in the Roll Call. Also be on the look out for the Princess weekend meetup in the food truck area at 3:00 pm on Saturday February 26th.

The gang discusses the Marathon Weekend/Dopey Downers and how it might be hard to get back into the groove after a big goal race or event.

The Rise and Run vs Will Run for Peloton challenge is coming up soon. Where 15 members from each team will face off in a challenge were the most miles wins and the losing team will donate to the charity of the winning team. Reach out to Greg for more info.

Our next guest is Katy Cargiulo is the Women’s winner of the 2023 Walt Disney World Marathon. Katy tells us about her journey back after breaking her back after she hit a deer on her bike 7 months ago at a Ironman competition.

Next up we have a interview with Maggie from Magic Bound Travel and she tells us some of the advantages of booking with a Travel Agent.

Race Report Spotlight

The Race Report is back this week and we catch up with Kristin and her daughter Mckenzie who ran the Average Joe 5k in Davie Florida. This is a interesting race as the person that finishes in the middle of the participants wins the race and can claim the title of Average Joe or Average Jane . Mckenzie won the Average Jane award for her age group and her Dad won Average Joe for his group.

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