Ep: 102 Your Healthy Cancer Comeback with Fitz Koehler

Navigating life and races is not an easy feat, especially when faced with health challenges. However, the recent episode of the Rise and Run Podcast proves otherwise as we sat down with Race Announcer, Author, Fitness Guru and Cancer Survivor Fitz Koehler.

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This week’s race weekend training miles
Your Healthy Cancer Comeback: Sick to Strong with Fitz Koehler

Fitz, who kick-started her career as a race announcer in 2014, shared with us some memorable tales from her favorite races, including the OC Marathon in California where her career took off. She also introduced us to some extraordinary runners she’s met along the way. These experiences, coupled with her personal health battles, served as a beacon of strength and resilience, reminding us of the human capacity to triumph over adversity.

In our conversation, Fitz talked about her book Your Healthy Cancer Comeback where she emphasized the power of exercise and nutrition for cancer patients. She highlighted the importance of not neglecting physical and mental health during the recovery process, and using compassion and determination to make progress. Her approach to fitness is realistic and patient-oriented, focusing on making small, incremental changes rather than comparing oneself to past fitness levels.

Fitz’s approach to fitness is not just about being physically fit, but it also covers a holistic approach that includes cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, and balance. These four pillars of fitness are vital for runners to focus on to remain fit. Fitz’s free fitness program helps runners improve their performance and reduce pain, emphasizing the power of exercise and nutrition.

Check out some of the other books she talked about in this interview: My Noisy Cancer Comeback, and the Healthy Cancer Comeback Journal

Race Report Spotlight

“You’re Going To Need a Bigger Medal”

In the race report spotlight we chat with Marc who tells us about his experience running the Summer Sizzler 15K in Wheaton, Illinois. Also find out how Marc found out about runDisney on a bus ride on a Disney family vacation.

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