Ep 118 runDisney Marathon History with Alan and Grace Young

Embracing the spirit of perseverance and the magic of Disney, we delve deep into the stories and strategies that define the Disney Marathon experience. Each stride taken by the runners are not merely a physical feat but a tale of triumph and camaraderie. The episode brings to life these stories through the experiences of its guests Alan and Grace.

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This Week’s Race Weekend Training Miles

Alan and Grace Young

With WDW Marathon Weekend nearly upon us, we celebrate by visiting with runDisney legend Alan Young and his wife Grace. Not only is Alan a perfect WDW marathoner, he also completed the only Disneyland marathon as well as the LA marathon which, as he explains, was a requirement for Orange County residents who wanted to run the marathon at DL. Injury prevented Grace from being perfect, but she’s completed an amazing 27 WDW marathons and will join Alan in 2024.

Alan and Grace also talk about the significant strides women have made in marathon running since their Olympic inclusion in 1984, and the return of runDisney to Disneyland, and runDisney race history and trivia.

Marathon Weekend Roll Call

Next up comes the Roll call of all the Rise and Runners that will be participating in a Marathon weekend event. There are more than 350 names on the list this year! So Stand up and raise your hand when your name is called.

Mark and The Impossible Dream

Our Good friend Mark is back and we talk to him about all the great things he has done for the Rise and Run Community. Some of the things we talk about is the weekly training distance artwork, charity guide and the pace spreadsheet to help you find a runner to run with if you at the same pace and Intervals. Then for the for the second year in a row, Mark sings our Rise and Run Marathon tradition of The Impossible Dream from The Man of La Mancha to close out the episode .

In summary, the podcast episode is a testament to the joy, struggle, and unity that define the runDisney community. It’s a reminder that the journey is just as rewarding as the finish line, and that within every runner’s heart, there’s a bit of Disney magic waiting to be embraced.

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