Ep 92 Around the World with the Disney Day Drinkers Club Running Team

Our introduction / poem this week is from Karen. If you’d like to introduce an upcoming episode, please reach out to us on our social media, email, or leave us a message on our hotline (727-266-2344).

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The 2024 Marathon weekend training has started on June 26th and we give a few updates and tips for the upcoming training cycle. Plus Wine and Dine training Half Marathon training starts July 4th. We will be posting these graphics on our Website and Facebook page all during training for those of you following the runDisney Galloway plans.

2024 Marathon Weekend Week 1
2023 Wine and Dine Weekend training preview

On Monday June 26th runDisney announced the theme for the 2024 Springtime Surprise Weekend Challenge theme Stitch’s Ohana Challenge. Now what will the other three race theme’s be? Social Media is on fire examining the photo for hints on all the possible themes for the other races.

Disney Day Drinkers Club Running Team

Bottom’s Up! This week on the Podcast we sit down and chat with Matt and Skip from the Disney Day Drinkers Club Running Team. They go over how the running club evolved from their main Facebook page of the Disney Day Drinkers Club (D3) . The story of how “Binny” became the official mascot of the D3 drinkers. Their fundraising efforts with Kellsie’s Hope and some of the best drinks and bars in Disney World. Club D3 Motto: “You cant drink all day if you don’t start in the morning !”

Race Report Spotlight

In the race report we head to Jacksonville FL where our friend Melissa participated in the SUP Bridge the Gap 5k on Friday June 23rd with fellow Rise and Runner Lisa. Then on June 24th participated in the Ed Austin Regional Parkrun for back to back races.

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