Ep 41 Shenanigans with the #RunDopey Mod Squad and Wine & Dine Medals

Come along with us for the party that is Episode 41! We’ll start with a quick update on the progress of our training and then share our thoughts on the recently released medals for Wine & Dine Weekend.

Ep 41 Mod Squad

For most of the episode, we visit with our friends from the #RunDopey Facebook group. We discussed many topics, including how this active and fun group started and grew; the virtual runs they sponsor; some of the merchandise they’ve made available (including, of course, the famous #RunDopey Goodrs); their support of various charities, and the future of the group. If you already know this group, you’re going to love hearing from your friends. If #RunDopey is new to you, you’ll want to consider joining them.

Race Report Spotlight
Ep41 Jennifer

Also in this week’s Race Report Spotlight, we spoke with Jennifer who recently returned from Eugene, Oregon, the site of the World Athletics Championships. Jennifer tells us about running the ASICS Uplift 5K on part of the World Championship Marathon course.

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