EP 44 A Conversation with Facebook’s Team #runDisney, Fast Walking Tips, and BEARS!!!

This episode of the Rise and Run Podcast has a bit of everything! We kick things off with our usual chat about how our training is progressing. Then Bob and our guest host Holly, share some of their tips on how to increase your walking speed. Both Bob and Holly have learned to lower their walking paces to 13 minutes/mile – and sometimes even a little faster. We hope that some of our tips will help you lower your pace – maybe even to the 16 minute mile it takes to stay in front of the balloon ladies.

Holly(right) and Friend at Wine and Dine 2016


Our special guest this week is Matt Marcella. You may not recognize Matt’s name, but you’ve almost certainly seen his work on social media. Matt talks with us about:

  • His Team #runDisney Facebook group
  • The Run Disbot, an AI app he created to help you find quick answers to your runDisney questions
  • The virtual Theme Park Challenges you can find on his pages
  • His apps to alert you when runDisney races become available
  • His online Team #runDisney running gear shop

Race Report Spotlight

Finally, we have 2 guests in this week’s Race Report Spotlight. We spoke with our friend Ruth from California who ran the OC 5k and Shelene told us about her “meet and greet” during the Alaska Distance Classic Double-Up. You definitely will not want to these stories.

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