Ep 52 Running Disney for Charity, the Jeff Galloway App, and the London Marathon

We start off the episode with an introduction from our listener, Jessica. You can be picked to intro the show by clicking the Join The Conversation link and leaving us an intro. This week, we will be discussing running for a charity and charity fundraising and hopefully giving you some ideas to reach your fundraising goals.

But first, we see what is on the training schedules for upcoming runDisney events. It is 4 weeks till Wine and Dine Weekend and you’ve got a double up this weekend: 4 miles on Saturday and 12.5 on Sunday. For Marathon weekend we are just 13 weeks away and you have a short week with 4 miles if you’re doing the marathon or 3 miles this weekend for the Goofy or Dopey challenge.

The London Marathon Lottery is now open for the 2023 TCS London Marathon on Sunday April 23rd , you have till 9:00PM on Friday Oct 7th to enter.

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With a lot of our listeners running for a charity for the first time this year we thought it would be a good idea to do an episode on Charity Fundraising to help with some ideas to help you reach your fundraising goals.
Allie and Greg start off our charity episode segment wit how and why they run for their respective charities. Then Peter Brookhart from The Brookhart Project who has raised over $30,000 for charity events joins us. He tells us how watching the 2018 WDW Marathon on the Boardwalk, he got inspired to run and why he picked the American Cancer Society and some the benefits of running with a charity.
Peter and the gang discuss some creative and interesting ways to fundraise for a charity. For example;

  • Get people to sponsor your training runs.
  • Make shirts, mugs or crafts.
  • Partnering with a business.
  • Look and see if your work has a company match.
  • Keep asking for donations without regrets.
  • Ride the Disney Skyliner for 750 minutes straight.
  • Use social media to your advantage.

The one thing that resonated in the interview with all of us was that you need to find your why and why is that charity important to you. Tell the people you are asking to donate why you are supporting this charity and what the charity means to you.

Peter, Greg and Allie Running For Their Charities

To donate to one of the charities mentioned click the links below
Greg’s  Give Kids the World
Allie’s Multiple Sclerosis Association of America
Peter’s  American Cancer Society

Look out for Peter this weekend in Chicago where he and a bunch of other Rise and Runners will be participating in the Chicago Marathon. Jack ran the Chicago Marathon last year and if you want to see some of the course check out her Chicago 2021 video plus many more on Passport to Run where you can view all the adventures of Jack and Lexie.

Chicago Marathon 2021 video courtesy of Passport to Run.

Cheri Witt joined us and discussed the new Jeff Galloway App. The app has custom training plans, drills, meal plans, a Magic Mile calculator, audio coaching from Jeff and much more. App is currently only for Apple with Android coming soon.

To get App please click the Link Jeff Galloway App.

Race Report Spotlight

On this week’s Race Report Spotlight we head over the pond to London for the 2022 TCS London Marathon where Rise and Runners Madge and Amie ran the marathon. Both Aime and Madge ran for a charity for this event: Aime ran for Versus Arthritis and Madge ran for the Crohns & Colitis Foundation. Both charities are special to them. Aime even got to meet Coach Twiggs who was pacing the Marathon.
To donate to Madge or Aime’s charities click links below
Madge Crohns & Colitis Foundation
Aime Versus Arthritis

London Marathon Highlights

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