Ep 132 Magical Madness: The Rise and Run Bracket Finals

Magical Madness mayhem settles and the Rise and Run podcast crowns a champion! We’re still buzzing from the electric vibes and we’re eager to share it all. Stick around for our special segment with the legendary Jeff Galloway, captured amidst an unforgettable Atlanta weekend, and join us as we recount the high spirits and camaraderie at the Crescent City Classic with some of our dearest friends.

This Episode of the Rise and Run Podcast is  sponsored by Magic Bound Travel.

Our introduction this week is from our friend Brittany. If you’d like to introduce an upcoming episode, please reach out to us on our social media, email, or leave us a message on our hotline (727-266-2344).

This Week’s Race Weekend Training Miles
Disney Ride Attraction Bracket Challenge Finals

Who will win the inaugural Rise and Run Attraction Bracket Challenge. With a playful contest of Disney attractions, as the hosts pit the charm of Kilimanjaro Safaris against the technological marvel of Avatar and other beloved rides. The light-hearted exchange highlights the subjective nature of enjoyment and the cherished memories associated with theme park experiences. Who will be crowned Champion.

Live from the Jeff Galloway Weekend

Back in March at the Jeff Galloway weekend in Atlanta Bob , Lexie and Jack Record a interview with Jeff Galloway in front of a live audience. They talk to Jeff about hhe got started running, about the Olympic 10K and Marathon trials, and about meeting Martin Luther King.

The Race Report Sponsored by Stoked Metabolic Coaching

In the Race Report Spotlight we head to New Orleans where Mandy, Mira, Stevie and Husband Chris ran the Crescent City Classic with over 13,000 other runners and walkers. We talk about stories of bus mishaps , crowd support on the course and adult beverage on the course.

The Rise and Run podcast, through this episode, masterfully blends the narratives of triumph, the practicality of fitness routines, and the warmth of a community bonded by shared interests. It’s a reminder that whether one is bouncing back from a setback or simply seeking a laugh along the run, there is a space within the running realm where health, humor, and happiness converge.

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