Ep 66 Rise and Run Top 5 Countdown and 2023 Goals

Happy New Year from The Rise and Run Podcast!

In this episode the gang goes over some their goals for 2023. And then reflect on their favorite race , episode and moment of the podcast.

Here is the countdown listen to the gang discuss some highlights of our top 5 moments voted by you. we start off with a tie for number 5.
5. Run Fit Mama(Kristen) and  FitFabDisney(Devon) Episodes 36 and 62

5. 300 Pounds and Running Episode 47

4 . We Don’t Talk About Bruno’s Princess Bib  Episode 22

3.  Brittany Charboneau  Episodes 15, 28, and 61

2. Jeff Galloway Episodes 38, 39 and 65

1. Chris Twiggs  Episodes 30, 31 , 46 and 55

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