Ep 35 Perfect Fit with Greg Patterson

2023 runDisney Princess Weekend Themes and the Perfect Fit with Greg Patterson

From neutral to stability to zero-drop to carbon fiber, there is a lot of information to digest when it comes to finding the perfect running shoe for you. Well on this week’s episode of the Rise and Run Podcast, we hope to make the shoe selection process for you a bit easier. Be sure to tune in as we had the opportunity to speak with Greg Patterson, the general manager of Phidippides, Jeff Galloway’s running store in Atlanta. Greg was extremely gracious to answer several listener questions about running footwear.

Before we go shoe shopping though, the team takes some time to discuss the newly released themes for the 2023 runDisney Princess Half Marathon Weekend. Listen in to hear if you agree or disagree with our hot takes!

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Have Running Shoe Questions for Greg?  Contact him at gregbpatterson@gmail.com