Ep 37 Allow Us To Reintroduce Ourselves

With so many new listeners and subscribers, we realize that not everyone might have gone all the way back to Episode 1, “The Collector’s Edition,” to learn about how we all met one another and how we were introduced to running and runDisney. So we thought we would take some time to reintroduce ourselves to all of you!

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Ep 23 runDisney Springtime Surprise Event Guide, Wine and Dine Registration Tips, and Expo Insights with Fluffy Fizzies

On this week’s episode of the Rise and Run Podcast the team breaks down all the details of the event guide that was posted this week. Also with Wine and Dine registration happening next week, we offer our best tips on how to secure a bib!

We round out the episode talking with our friend Pam of Fluffy Fizzies (not sponsored) to learn about the vendor perspective of a runDisney Expo.

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Ep 5 Preparing for WDW Marathon Weekend

Marathon Weekend is coming up, quickly! The training runs are getting long and the weather in many parts of the country is getting nasty. How do you stay motivated during the toughest part of the training? Do you really need to run 26 miles to be ready for the marathon? When the Galloway training schedule says “walk,” do you really walk those distances? What do you do to help the time go by on those long runs? In this week’s episode, we discuss all of this and take one more look back and Wine and Dine Weekend.

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