Ep 71 Conquering Cancer: A Tale of Two Runners

Our introduction this week is from our friends Heidi and Jenn. Remember, if you’d like to introduce an upcoming episode, please click the Join the Conversation link and leave us your recorded message.

In this Episode you will hear the Gang talk about the following topics:

  • Princess and Springtime training.
  • The Princess meetup
  • Getting your name on the Princess Roll Call
  • Donna Marathon / Donna Foundation
  • Disneyland Registration Tips
  • New contest
  • February Peloton Challenge

Our first interview this week is with fellow Rise and Runner Lindsay. She talks about being diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer at the age of 34; her treatments and surgeries; how she started running just six weeks after her double mastectomy; eating healthy with a plant based diet; and her love of runDisney. Lindsay is also a ambassador for the DONNA Marathon. You can find out more about Lindsay at her Instagram page at runningpastcancer.


Our second interview this week is with another member of the Rise and Run Community, Jennifer. Jennifer talks about setting a goal to run Dopey in 2023 and how even an October 2022 cancer diagnosis did not keep her from completing that goal. She also talked about going in for her cancer surgery a few days after Marathon weekend with all six of her medals with her, and how she is going to make her cancer a “Figment of her Imagination.”

Race Report Spotlight

On the Race Report Spotlight we talk to Meghan who ran the DONNA Booby Trap Challenge at the Donna Marathon Weekend in Jacksonville, Florida. The DONNA National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer is the leading marathon in the US dedicated to breast cancer research, care and benefits.

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