Ep 47 300 Pounds and Running with Martinus Evans and 2023 runDisney Marathon Weekend Medals

On this week’s episode of the Rise and Run Podcast we get a quick training update from Greg on how his training is going for Wine and Dine. We also got a pleasant surprise from runDisney this week as they dropped the medals for Marathon Weekend and the gang  discusses the bling.  Our Ask Me Anything episode is coming up, and Bob tells you how to leave a message by clicking on the Join the Conversation link.

Our featured guest this week is running and fitness coach Martinus Evans of 300 Pounds and Running. Martinus discusses how a 300+ pound man got started running, his Slow AF Run Club, gracing the cover of Runner’s World, and how he encourages and motivates back of the pack runners. Martinus and his Turtle Nation will help you realize that an athletes come in all shapes and sizes.

Race Report Spotlight

In the race report this week, we take a trip down to the City of Brotherly Love to catch up with Bryana who ran the Philly 10K on August 28th . Did she stop at Geno’s or Pat’s on the course for a mid-race cheesesteak? Tune in to find out!


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