Ep 46 Ultra Running: Coach Chris Twiggs and the Hardrock 100

On this episode of the Rise and Run Podcast the gang gives some quick updates on how our training is going, and then discuss how Springtime registration went and what members of the podcast signed up for the event.


Our guest this week needs no introduction; it is none other than Coach Chris Twiggs. Chris is here to talk about completing his 16th Hard Rock 100 mile endurance run. Coach Twiggs discusses how a flat-land Floridian succeeds on a course with over 66,000 feet of elevation change and an average elevation of 11,000 feet.

Race Report Spotlight

In this week’s Race Report we talk with Mandy, who was our first guest back on Episode 3 when she discussed the Boston Marathon. This week, Mandy’s here to tell us about the Leading Ladies Marathon, Spearfish, SD on August 21st.

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Correction: It was stated in episode presale of shirts ends Oct. 5th the correct date presale ends is Sept 5th.

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