Ep: 120 Rise and Run Rewind: We Don’t Talk About Bruno’s Princess Bib

Grab your Mickey ears and your running shoes as we zip through the laughter, debates, and drama of Disney runs. This week, the Rise and Run Podcast team welcome you to a vibrant celebration of all things Disney and running.

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Hot Takes From The Gang

Prepare to pick sides in our latest episode as we toss around controversial opinions like hot potatoes. From tipsy trips on EPCOT’s Figment ride, to the Fastpass versus Lightning Lane debate, we’re not holding back. We laugh, argue, and even unite over our love for Disney snacks while bemoaning the all-too-common smartphone fixation at the parks.

Rise and Run Rewind “We Don’t Talk About Bruno’s Princess Bib”

And if that’s not enough to pique your interest, wait until you hear our guest Misty recount her real-life ‘who-done-it’ moment with a race bib thief at runDisney—an adventure that proves sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction.

As we cross the finish line of this episode, we raise our cups—runDisney beer cups, to be precise—to the stories that bind us. Remember, every mile is magic, and every runner has a tale. Let’s run this world together.

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