Ep: 109 I’ve Got No Strings -A Conversation with Andrew the Puppet Runner

This dynamic episode of our podcast marks our second anniversary, and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than with a heartening conversation with Andrew the Puppet Runner and Brandy’s, mud run adventurer. We also share our excitement for the upcoming 2023-24 Run Disney season.

This Episode of the Rise and Run Podcast is  sponsored by Magic Bound Travel.

Our introduction this week is from our friend Ravi from Miami. If you’d like to introduce an upcoming episode, please reach out to us on our social media, email, or leave us a message on our hotline (727-266-2344).

This week’s race weekend training miles

Andrew the Puppet Runner

Can you imagine running with a puppet? Well, Andrew can and does, becoming a unique figure in the running community. We welcome Andrew, a runner who brings a unique twist to the sport by running with a puppet. Known as the Puppet Runner, Andrew has carved a niche for himself in the running community, bringing smiles to many faces with his delightful running partner. We delved into his intriguing journey into running and the positive impact it had on his life.

Race Report Spotlight

Our guest on the Race Report Spotlight is Brandy, who is a mud run enthusiast who brought a sense of audacity to our podcast. She regaled us with tales of her daring mud run adventures, discussing the obstacles she encountered and the thrill of completing a 5K mud run with 18 challenging obstacles. Her story served as a reminder of the myriad ways people can enjoy the sport of running.

Throughout the episode, we strived to bring our listeners closer to the running community and the sense of camaraderie and accomplishment it fosters. We hope our second anniversary episode inspires more people to embrace running, whether it’s with a puppet on their arm or mud on their shoes.

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