Ep: 107 Running Disney on a Budget – Part 2

What’s better than running a Disney marathon? Saving money while doing it! Discover top tips for budget-friendly Disney races, plus an in-depth look at the coveted Princess Weekend medals.

This Episode of the Rise and Run Podcast is  sponsored by Magic Bound Travel.

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This week’s race weekend training miles
Princess Half Marathon Medal Reveal

This week runDisney revealed the 2024 Princess Half Marathon Weekend medals here is a first look at the race weekend’s bling.

Running Disney on a Budget – Part 2 with our Friends Brad and Maggie from Magic Bound Travel

Our guests, Maggie and Brad from Magic Bound Travel, offer their insights on doing Disneyland or Disney World on a budget. They discuss the benefits of staying on-property versus off-property, emphasizing the importance of evaluating your own preferences and budget constraints. They also highlight the hidden costs of off-property accommodations, which can significantly impact your overall budget.

Furthermore, we explore the option of renting Disney Vacation Club (DVC) points as a way to save money. This method can offer the opportunity to stay at a Deluxe Resort at a fraction of the usual cost. However, it’s crucial to understand the potential risks, as DVC rentals are usually non-refundable.

Another significant topic we delve into is the cost of an annual pass. We provide a detailed analysis on how many park days it takes to make an annual pass worthwhile. Plus, we share insider tips on how to save money on Memory Maker and discuss creative ways to extend the value of your annual pass.

Food costs at Disney can also be a budget-breaker. We share practical tips on how to save money on dining, from bringing your own food to the parks, splitting meals, to taking advantage of kid’s meals. We also reveal our favorite budget-friendly quick-service restaurant at Disney World.

Pam From Fluffy Fizzies

Our friend Pam From Fluffy Fizzies stopped in and discussed some new race themed bath Bombs available for the upcoming Wine and Dine Race weekend .
Pam is offering Expo pickup for your items if you order by the guaranteed Expo pickup date . Stop by and check her out at fluffyfizzies.com use Coupon Code RISEANDRUN for 10%off

Jamie from NoxGear

With the daylight getting shorter and the training runs getting longer some of us are starting are ending our runs in the dark. Most of us on the podcast use the Noxgear products for training runs in the dark . We invited and Predawn runner and Captain of Noxgear Nation Jamie. We discuss various products and reflective/lighting gear to keep you safe on your for your run. Do you run with your dog? Jamie talks about the Lighthound vest for your dog. We end the chat with some tips to stay safe running in the dark.

Race Report Spotlight

This episodes Race Report Spotlight hear firsthand stories of the 45th Chicago Marathon from Finishers Allison, Heather, Kayla and Laurie. We hear about the expo , bib pick up, to run or not to run on the red carpet and of course the finish lines and some personal records achieved this weekend.

So, get ready to be inspired, gain practical advice and have some fun along the way in this jam-packed episode!

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