EP 137 The Official guide to runDisney with author Scott Douglas

Embarking on a Run Disney event is akin to stepping into a different realm where the exuberance of Disney’s atmosphere meets the tenacity of marathon running. In our latest podcast episode, we bring together the worlds of Disney magic and marathon grit, featuring insights Scott Douglas, author of “Run Disney: The Official Guide to Racing Around the Parks.”

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Our introductions this week is from our friends Judy and Jen at the run with Meb 10k. If you’d like to introduce an upcoming episode, please reach out to us on our social media, email, or leave us a message on our hotline (727-266-2344)

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Scott Douglas RunDisney: The Official Guide to Racing Around the Parks

The heart of the episode lies in the guidance and wisdom shared by Scott Douglas. His book RunDisney: The Official Guide to Racing Around the Parks, is a compendium of strategies and anecdotes, offers invaluable insights for both novice and seasoned runners looking to experience Disney races. The conversation with Scott extends beyond the book, exploring his own running background, the collaboration with other experts, and the challenges and triumphs in crafting such a comprehensive guide.

We then pivot to the exuberant community that participates in Run Disney events, drawing parallels between the races and a Comic-Con for athletics. The emphasis on community is palpable as we discuss the shared experiences of runners, the costumes that are as much a part of the event as the running shoes, and the importance of nutrition and training for optimal performance. The episode highlights how Run Disney events are a confluence of fitness, fandom, and family.

The Race Report Sponsored by Stoked Metabolic Coaching

In the Race Report Stoplight we catch up with Rob, Aime , Katie , and Mark who ran the London Marathon on April 21st. Listen to the highlights of the race from crowd support , landmarks and other highlights from the race and some future races from them.

As the episode concludes, we extend a heartfelt thanks to our running friends, new and old, and invite them to join us at future Run Disney events. We reiterate the importance of seeking expert advice, while also affirming the independent voice that the podcast brings to the Run Disney universe. It’s an open invitation to lace up and join a journey that is both personally enriching and sprinkled with Disney magic.

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